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Degree progression

The International Science and Engineering Foundation Programme (ISEFP) provides an alternative entry route to a range of undergraduate degrees in science, maths, engineering, and finance. When you apply for the ISEFP you must indicate the subject/field of study you plan to pursue after completing the foundation year.

Upon successful completion of the ISEFP students can either continue their studies at Queen Mary or choose to go to another university. The progression routes chart (opposite) demonstrates where our previous students have gone on to study. 

Progression requirements

In order to progress from the ISEFP to a degree programme of your choice at Queen Mary you must pass all of your core modules, as well as submitting an application through UCAS within the deadline, normally 15 January.

You must also meet the progression requirements specified by the department that offers your chosen degree programme. 

For some degrees these progression criteria can be quite demanding. For example, the progression criteria for an ISEFP student wanting to enter the first-year of the MSci Physics degree programme are:

  • An average of 60% over all 8 modules, including a pass in the Communication in Science & Technology module
  • Passes in two mathematics modules
  • Passes in three physics modules

Details of these progression criteria are provided in the ISEFP Student Handbook, which is issued to all students at the start of the programme.

Degree programmes available

The degree programmes available through the ISEFP include the majority of those offered by the following departments and schools:

*The range of degree programmes offered by departments can change from time-to-time. To check whether you can progress onto a specific course, after the International SEFP, please contact us.

Students who are not sure which degree course they would like to study should email Dr Priscilla Cunnan ( before the first week of their course. You can arrange an appointment with Priscilla to discuss your interests, academic ability and qualifications to assist you in choosing a degree programme.

What happens if I fail to meet the criteria?

Any student who fails to pass their ISEFP modules are offered the opportunity to re-sit examinations in August, before the start of the next academic session.

Progression routes

After successfully completing the ISEFP, some students choose to study at another university. Our foundation programme is accepted by many other high-ranking UK universities such as University College London and Imperial College, London.

Students who want to progress onto degrees that are not available at Queen Mary  are assisted by ISEFP advisors to apply for places at other UK universities.

Some American or Canadian universities accept students who have completed our foundation programme.

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